Welcome to a tour in Arabic of the Exhibition “Exploring the Ancient Near East” at the National Museum!

Saturday 03.09 at 11.30. Please register by sending a message to caroline.wallis@helsinki.fi

Join our workshop on Palestinian filmmaking on Saturday, August 27 in Malmitalo, 2-4 pm!

Palestinian and Finnish media artist, illustrator, and filmmaker Shareef Askar will present a talk on Palestinian filmmaking and cinema accompanied by film excerpts.
During Shareef’s talk, we’ll have a look at the historical progress of Palestinian films and moreover what cinema as means of expression meant to the Palestinian case and Palestinians themselves. We will also consider aspects and styles that have shaped Palestinian filmmaking as a storytelling structure with various clips of movies that have made a profound impact globally and even on Shareef inspiring him to become an aspiring filmmaker.

Welcome to a Cuneiform writing workshop at the Finnish-Syrian Friendship association (SSYS) in Espoo!

The workshop takes place on Thursday 11th of August from 6-8 pm, in Kutojantie 3, Espoo.

Get to know cuneiform! Come and try one of the oldest writing systems in the world, cuneiform. Cuneiform, originating around 3000 BC in Mesopotamia, was widely used in the Near East for centuries. In this hands-on workshop, you can write on clay in the manner of ancient Sumerians and Babylonians. The workshop is suitable for all ages!

It is given by MA Aino Haavisto. Aino has studied assyriology (study of ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform languages and cultures), various other languages, computer science, and mathematics at the University of Helsinki. Living history through practicing cuneiform writing on clay and teaching this ancient handcraft is one of her hobbies.

This workshop is co-organized by the project Making Home abroad, the Finnish-Syrian Friendship association, and University of Helsinki’s CoE Ancient Near Eastern Empires.