We are currently hiring a Project Researcher. 

More information on the job definition and how to apply can be found below. 

Project researcher / PhD student
(part-time 1-year working grant, €13,000)

The “Making Home Abroad” project is pleased to announce a part-time, one-year working grant position (50%) for a project researcher or PhD student in the field of museology and/or Middle Eastern studies.

The project “Making Home Abroad: Understanding migrant experiences and heritage implementation in Finland” is an interdisciplinary research group of archaeologists, anthropologists, and teachers, who explore the histories and heritage of the Middle East and its people in today’s Finland. The project (a) develops and implements critical, hands-on pedagogical resources from stored-away Middle Eastern objects in Finnish museum collections through 3D digitisation and printing; (b) explores biographies and dives into subjectivities, listening to the stories of those who have roots in the Middle East and live in Finland today; (c) and develops pop-up museums within the heart of communities across Finland. The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and carried out within the Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires at the University of Helsinki. Its partners include the National Museum of Finland and the Finnish Heritage Agency.

The chosen person will work directly with other team members in coordinating and organizing pop-up exhibitions around the project to be held in different locations across Finland in 2022. Applications are encouraged from those working on the intersection of museology, cultural heritage studies, Middle Eastern studies, sociology, political science, anthropology, and/or ethnology. PhD students who are interested in the project and who work on a related topic are particularly encouraged to apply. The position entails coordinating and hands-on development of a small, moveable exhibition and related events, as well as working with different communities related to the exhibition. As such, a valid driver’s license and strong familiarity with English, Finnish, and one of the dominant languages in the Middle East (e.g. Arabic, Farsi) is preferred. In order to qualify for the working grant, the applicant should possess a completed master’s degree from a related field at the time of starting the position. The work can be carried out remotely if wanted.

How to apply?

Send a short motivation letter (1-2 pages) and your CV (max. 2-3 pages) to caroline.wallis@helsinki.fi by 5th October 2021. The successful applicant will receive a €13,000 working grant, to be used for part-time, one-year research work related to the project. The starting date is negotiable but preferably in or around October 2021. More information on part-time (50%) working grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation can be found here: https://skr.fi/en/grants/guidelines/guidelines-grantees

For more information on the project see www.makinghomeabroad.fi. You can also contact directly caroline.wallis@helsinki.fi and/or rick.bonnie@helsinki.fi for further information or regarding the application process.

Application deadline is 5th October 2021