Pop-up museums

Our pop-up museum is a reconstituted Middle Eastern-Finnish living room where the visitors can explore a variety of aspects of contemporary Middle Eastern societies and elements form the rich historical past of the area. The activities are tailored for both a young and adult audience. The exhibition’s audience is both Middle Easterners who see their cultural and historical heritage valued in the public space and people with a Finnish background who can discover this too often unsung patrimony. Visitors are invited to co-create the content, making this a very ‘hands on’, interactive and participative pop-up.

Sadly, xenophobic and racist discourse relentlessly spread through our societies, stigmatising individuals and immigrant communities. Mainstream media and blockbuster movies, when depicting the Middle East, tend to insist on violence and conflict, crafting an image of fundamentalism and radicalism. We want to change that focus. Our aim is simple: to create a cosy, laid back, homely atmosphere in which we bring forward and valorise cultural and societal aspects of contemporary and past societies of the Middle East.  We intend to build bridges between the past and the present but also and mainly between people from different horizons living in Finland today.